From Family Flying Cabins to Child Concierge Services

 - Jan 19, 2016
Whether a family is embarking on a vacation abroad or a quick road trip, these family travel services aim to simplify the process of getting parents and their children from point A to point B. These services also include ideas for enhancing the experience at a destination as well.

Rather than simply catering to a parent's desires, a number of key players in the hospitality industry are coming forth with inventive ways to engage kids. For instance, the Peninsula Tokyo created a Pokémon-themed adventure for its young guests, while the Starwood Hotel is now giving free LEGO kits to kids.

Parents may be the source that many hotels go to for improving customer experience, but the Drayton Manor Hotel set up a kid-run concierge service to address the concerns of children. Since this hotel is located inside of the Drayton Manor theme park, this is a great resource for kids who want to get recommendations on the park's best snacks and more.