Hotel Concierge Noah Reeves-Walters Answers the Questions of Other Kids

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: draytonmanorhotel & springwise
In an effort to better cater to the needs of younger guests, a family-friendly hotel in the UK has hired a child hotel concierge. Noah Reeves-Walters is employed by the Drayton Manor Hotel to answer questions children visitors might have and improve their customer experience.

Given the accommodations are located in the Drayton Manor theme park, there are many kid-specific concerns guests could have. Noah is, therefore, uniquely capable of answering potential queries and offering his expert opinion on topics such as the best place to get ice cream in the park, compared to concerns adult hotel concierge might be more qualified to field.

The hotel's general manager Martin Wright hired Noah after his family contacted Drayton Manor with the idea. Noah attends a local school in Staffordshire.