This Painting Kit is Created for the Young Artist Pushing Boundaries

 - May 25, 2015
References: fabercastell & chapters.indigo
This unique painting kit is designed for the experimental young artist unsatisfied with the basic tools. The all-inclusive set features an imaginative range of foam brushes that boast outside-of-the-box designs and provide an array of textured brush strokes that will create a dizzying array of effects.

Created by Faber-Castell, the Young Artist Texture Painting set comes with a paint tray, five washable tempera paints, five texture tools and 20 sheets of paper. The painting kit comes in a convenient carryall, making it a fun playtime accessory for the backyard or the cottage.

Given creative playtime's important role in early child development, imaginative project kits provide a bevy of tools that a child can dream up a variety of uses for in order to create unique memories.