This Wearable Sensor Can Detect and Measure Signs of Impending Seizures

 - Apr 16, 2016
References: & gizmag
The EPItect is an exceptionally innovative, effective and useful wearable sensor, developed by a group of scientists and engineers working out of the University Hospital Bonn in Germany, that is capable of detecting, spotting and measuring signs of impending epileptic seizures.

Worn like a hearing aid, this wearable sensor detects signs of seizures before then conveying the information via a connected device to a computer that can then send a warning to patients, relatives and doctors.

Epileptic seizures regularly result in serious accidents and can even cause death via cardiac arrest, with detection being difficult because of the variety and unpredictability of symptoms. This is where the EPItect wearable sensor comes in. By carefully monitoring for tell-tale signs, this wearable sensor can not only warn patients of impending seizures but also help researchers establish patterns of seizure events in patients.