'Solmove' is Designing a Flexible Glass Carpet Filled with Solar Cells

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: solmove & fastcoexist
'Solmove' is a German startup that is currently developing a flexible carpet embedded with solar cells. With countries such as Amsterdam and France already installing solar bike paths and energy-generating pavement, there is a growing demand for more sustainable roadways. This startup is hoping to carry out similar projects in Germany by developing its own solar surface.

Solmove's main project is developing a form of flexible glass carpeting embedded with solar cells. The surface works by deflecting light at different angles so that energy is captured in the cells underneath. The surface is meant to be installed on footpaths, bike lanes and flat roofs in order to generate greater quantities of renewable electricity. This energy could then be used for lighting the street or for traffic management.

With solar panels becoming more efficient and less expensive, there is a growing push to incorporate the technology into existing urban infrastructure.