Glowee Uses Bioluminescent Bacteria as a Sustainable Source of Light

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: & springwise
This French startup is using bioluminescent bacteria to produce a sustainable light source. Glowee cultures the sea-derived bacteria in functional forms, making glowing signs and other objects.

Based in Paris, the clean tech company is providing an environmentally friendly alternative to electricity using the same natural phenomenon that allows squids and similar oceanic creatures to glow in the dark. The "living light energy" also emits minimal carbon dioxide and little light pollution. The bio-engineered lighting solution uses shell-like structures to culture the bioluminescent bacteria into shapes like street signs.

Currently seeking seed money, Glowee hopes to extend the lifespan of the bacteria as well as enhance its light intensity. They hope their technology will be used to power smart cities of the future.