This Smart Scalpel Can Distinguish Between Tumors & Regular Brain Tissue

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: & gizmag
A team of researchers and engineers led by David Oliva at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium have developed a truly ingenious smart scalpel that is capable of distinguishing between tumorous and healthy brain tissue.

The task of distinguish between tumors and healthy brain tissue is exceptionally challenging in the midst of surgical procedures, and has massive ramifications if the brain surgeon gets it wrong. This is where the smart scalpel comes in. It makes use of self-sensing actuators, vibration detection and transducer technology to detect and distinguish between tumorous and regular brain tissue, enabling brain surgeons to perform surgery with more confidence.

Ultimately, the smart scalpel will help make neurosurgeons' lives a little easier, helping them to save more lives in the process.