RedWorks Aims to Use Martian Soil to Create Buildings on the Red Planet

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: redworks3d & fastcompany
A startup called RedWorks is currently working on a 3D-printing system that will be able to use Martian soil to create buildings and other infrastructure on the Red Planet. While the concept of putting humans on Mars was once considered an impossible feat, the idea may no longer be so far-fetched. This startup is preparing for such as reality by designing technology that will make the Red Planet a hospitable environment for humans.

RedWorks is a startup that aims to address infrastructure needs on Mars. As a result, the company has developed a 3D-printing system that only requires a power source and dirt in order to create new infrastructure. The system works by heating up the dirt to create a type of concrete that can be molded into roads, buildings, fuel tanks or any other object that may be needed.

The startup demonstrates the need to go beyond the idea of simply getting humans to Mars and think about how they will be able to support themselves once they arrive.