This Remotely Operated Vehicle Can Locate and Destroy Sea Mines

 - Apr 15, 2016
References: baesystems & gizmag
The Archerfish ROV is an aptly named remotely operated vehicle, inspired by the archerfish, that is capable of locating and destroying sea mines by blasting them with an explosive charge.

The result of several years of research and development, the Archerfish stands out from other anti-mine submersible vehicles thanks to its ability to be deployed not just from sea vessels but also from helicopters. Once the remotely operated vehicle hits the water, its remote human operator can guide it towards the mine via a fiber optic communication cable. The vehicle uses low-light video and sonar to enable the human controller to detect the mine and send instructions to destroy it.

This high-tech vehicle's versatile and remote operation capability make for a safer way for navy personnel to safely destroy sea mines.