The Spectral Edge Imaging System Sharpens Images Using Infrared

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: spectraledge & techcrunch
A UK based startup by the name of Spectral Edge has developed a high-tech photographic imaging system that makes it easier than ever to boost the color and depths of photos by bringing together the input captured by a regular camera lens with an infrared version of the same scene.

The technology, which makes use of a high-tech photography computation system called Phusion, is particularly well suited towards sharpening hazy and slightly blurry images or images that have been over-exposed. It essentially works to add into the picture details that aren't visible with a regular camera, by using infrared's ability to better penetrate fog and mist.

Ultimately, this imaging system will enable photographers to get the most out of their photographic visions by making images sharper.