This Ultrasonic Dryer Uses Vibrations to Dry Clothing Instead of Heat

 - May 24, 2016
References: fastcoexist
A researcher named Ayyoub Momen at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is on a mission to change the way we dry our clothes with his ultrasonic dryer. Instead of blasting fragile garments with heat, this device drys clothing with nothing but vibrations.

Momen came up with the idea for his new dryer after observing how a ultrasonic humidifier works. He decided to apply the same physics to fabric drying and ultimately came up with the concept of an ultrasonic dryer. The machine works by using vibrations to dry clothing while the garments are still cold instead of using heat. While this process requires some energy, it is significantly less energy-intensive than an ordinary dryer. Additionally, the lack of heat means clothing is subjected to less damage and more likely to stay intact in the long run.

With the potential to be three to five times more efficient than an ordinary dryer, the machine may revolutionize the way we do our laundry.