This Cooking Device Blends Sous Vide and Countertop Grill

 - Mar 9, 2015
References: cindercooks & gizmag
The Cinder Sensor is a hybrid cooking device that brings together the precision temperature control of sous vide cooking with the simplicity and ease of a countertop grill. This contraption is perfect for those who like the idea of sous vide cooking but find it daunting or time-consuming.

The stainless steel contraption uses a pair of removable aluminum non-stick cooking plates that are monitored by computer-controlled sensors. These sensors calculate the temperature of the plates as well as the distance between them. This means the Cinder Sensor cooking device can calculate the thickness of the food and adjust the cooking time accordingly. The sensors are accurate to within a quarter of a degree.

The device also comes with a companion mobile app that allows hands-free control. All in all, this device has the potential to make clueless noob cooks look like Michelin-starred celebrity chefs.