The RiceCube is as Rationally Sculpted as an Appliance Can Be

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: solve3d & blog.leibal
It is very common for appliance manufacturers to churn out products that look like miniature spaceships. These characteristic curves, control panels of many buttons, windows and blinking lights are not found on the RiceCube. This countertop contraption was created to different aesthetic and practical criteria.

When it's shut, the rice cooker looks like a nearly monolithic hexahedron, featuring a smooth, glossy and bright white surface over all six sides. No buttons are visible until you lift the lid, revealing a deep dish for boiling water and softening the scrumptious grass-based food. Solve3D and Michael Elmgreen incorporated only three commands to put the RiceCube into operation, so to make the basic edible the easiest part of a dish to prepare. Furthermore, its rigid geometries make it easy to store and to stack things on top -- a wonderful feature in a chaotic kitchen.