'GeniScale' is a Multifunctional Scale for Kitchens, Bathrooms and More

 - Jun 2, 2015
References: geniscale & kickstarter
The Kickstarter-funded 'GeniScale' is a multifunctional scale that is easily controlled by a handy smartphone app. This pocket-sized gadget is the perfect scale for household items, but it is also capable of weighing large-scale items as well, such as wooden beams, tires or furniture.

The lightweight portable scale is network-enabled, which means it functions as a stand-alone device with no integrated display screen. The scale uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the accompanying GeniScale app to measure the weight of any object with both speed and accuracy. Simply place an object on top of the Geniscale and it will convey the weight to you through the GeniScale app. If the object is larger, you can place various GeniScales underneath the object and they will work together to act as one large scale.

In addition to weighing items, this multifunctional scale can also be used as a diet tracker, cooking alert, occupancy alert, weight alert system and more.