From Vertical Vinyl Players to Selfie-Taking Plants

 - Jul 25, 2015
These July 2015 gadgets range from vertical vinyl players to selfie-taking plants that celebrate our society's tech obsession. As modern technology becomes more advanced, household, fitness and auto gadgets are also evolving greatly.

In addition to nostalgic audio players and home decor accessories that feature a technological component, the month's fitness wearables are becoming more intuitive and therapeutic in their overall design. These July 2015 gadgets include energy boosters, stress monitoring devices and even water bottles that are app-connected to monitor one's hydration levels. Fuelled by society's busy lifestyle, tech brands are creating new devices that aid in meditation practices and mood enhancement.

Some of this month's other winning examples include smart motorcycle helmets and even ergonomic keyboard devices. The latter can be personalized for different individuals while improving their posture and comfort levels when working on a computer.