The Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is Aimed at Business Users

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: hgst & gizmag
The HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is a high-capacity hard drive that is packed with helium rather than regular old air. This is far more than just some gimmick -- the use of helium means a density that is about one-seventh that of regular air. This in turn means there is a lot less friction between internal moving parts, meaning less power is needed to drive the device. The bottom line is that these disks are now freed up to offer more storage space.

The Ultrastar Archive Ha10 offers 1 Terabyte of storage.It is equipped with shingled magnetic recording, which records data on overlapping rather than parallel tracks. This feature makes the drive particularly well suited towards active archiving duties rather than multiple-times-a-day uploads.

This drive's reliability, capacity and ease of use make it perfect for business and enterprise users.