The 'Aria' Provides an Easy Means of Using Wearable Devices

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: facebook & psfk
The 'Aria' is a new gesture-controlled smartwatch accessory, which helps to solve one of the most common issues faced when using wearable devices. For many smartwatch users, controlling the device is nearly impossible because it is in fact a two-handed operation. Aria helps to eliminate this common problem by making it possible to control your device by simply gesturing your fingers.

The Aria device works by clipping into the wristband of your smartwatch. You simply fasten the buckle and the Aria will fit snuggly against your wrist. From this position, the Aria can detect the muscle movements and gestures you make with your fingers. Embedded sensors in the device can distinguish up to 20 different gestures, each of which can be assigned to control a different function on your smartwatch. With its intuitive technology, the Aria makes using wearable devices a one-handed operation.