Ziip is a Connected Device That Delivers Electrical Home Facials

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: ziipbeauty & wsj
After Melanie Simon popularized the process of pulsing the skin with nano currents with clinics spread over the west coast of the United States, the electrical esthetician is now making it easier to perform this treatment at home with Ziip.

Ziip is a device for electrical therapy at home—this might sound intimidating, but it's actually quite simple. Working wirelessly with an accompanying app, Ziip is able to deliver different treatments for anti-aging, clarifying and more by varying the strength, waveform, time and frequency of the nano currents.

The big selling feature of these nano currents is their ability to wake up cells for the purpose of increasing blood circulation, boosting the production of collagen and elastin for skin that is more supple and youthful.

By delivering professional-quality results at a lower cost and more convenience, the market for at-home beauty devices is booming. As capable at-home beauty devices like Ziip come into the hands of tech-savvy consumers, they are finding less of a need to schedule services at a spa or consult beauty and cosmetic experts.