These Antibacterial Products are Cosmetics That Also Fight Germs

 - Feb 3, 2016
There are many soaps, washes and gels on the market that have the ability to kill bacteria on the spot, but consumers are beginning to demand antibacterial products that do more. For the sake of convenience, people are gravitating towards two-in-one products that have the potential to simplify their daily routines.

The germ-killing properties of conventional hand sanitizers and hand washes are now being combined with other beauty products. For instance, there are now antibacterial makeup collections, lotions and even nail polish ranges that are designed to beautify, while also keeping bacteria at bay.

Some of the most popular all-natural ingredients that are being used for these multipurpose antibacterial products include tea tree, witch hazel and coconut oil, which are often amplified with even more antibacterial properties from essential oils.