This Miniature Recording Device Can Help Users Capture High-Quality Sound

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: psfk
'Instamic' is a tiny wearable recording device that helps you capture high-quality audio wherever you may be. Ideal for musicians and small film production crews, Instamic has the power to record up to four hours of stereo quality sound from a single charge.

The smart recording device works by using remote control technology to operate without the use of cables, transmitters or external recorders. The device can be easily controlled via Bluetooth within a 30-foot range, making it ideal for moving subjects. Not only does Instamic help to capture production level audio, but the device is also extremely portable. At only one inch in size and capable of attaching to nearly any surface, Instamic eliminates the hassle of carrying bulky and cumbersome equipment.

With its high-quality audio and minimal setup, Instamic is perfect for capturing everything from the sounds of nature to an actor's voice.