From Custom News Creation Tools to Massage Delivery Apps

 - Jul 25, 2015
Whether you are looking for the latest highly addictive mobile game to play on the bus or need a photo editor to fine tune your self-portraits, there is likely something suitable in these July mobile 2015 trends.

As the peer-to-peer economy continues to take prominence with the help of Uber, unique apps that enable sharing economy-style services are always emerging. Soothe is just one example that caters specifically to the need for a masseuse for hire. Connecting individuals to local certified masseurs, Soothe is poised to help part-time masseurs find consistent work in their area.

A brand application of some of the current innovations in the mobile realm include loyalty programs that integrate digital elements in order to maintain engagement with individual consumers. Such uses are exemplified in the recently launched TD Bank app, which partnered with Moven for the development of an app that tracks a user's spending habits in order to enable more responsible spending.