Google's 'Im2calories' App Will Gauge How Healthy a Meal is from a Photo

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: popsci & businessinsider
Researchers at Google have just announced that they have begun work on a new calorie estimation app that will be able to determine how healthy a particular dish is based on just a single image. The implementation of this kind of technology will mean that anyone will be able to know just how many calories are in the fabulous meals you post to Instagram.

The calorie estimation app will work by using advanced artificial intelligence technology to determine the exact mount of calories in a meal based off of just a single photo. The app will thus be able to tell you how healthy or unhealthy a dish is, despite how it may look in the image. While many would argue that this kind of technology will amount to shaming you for what you eat, Google argues that the opposite is true. Google research scientist Kevin Murphy explains that the app is really about helping "users keep better track and more easily keep a food diary."

Currently the app is still in the early staged of development, however Google does have a patent on the technology meaning this calorie estimation could soon be on the market.