The 'Towit' Photo-Shaming App Lets You Call Out Drivers Who Park Poorly

'Towit' is a photo-shaming app designed to help you vent your frustration with those who cannot seem to park properly. With the help of this new app, citizens no longer have to feel powerless in the face of a poor parking job.

The Towit app is currently available from Google and Apple and works by letting you upload a picture of any particularly offensive parking job you may come across. Company creator Michael McArthur explains that the purpose of the photo-shaming app is to allow "civilians to report selfish or illegal parking and dangerous driving in real time." McArthur also notes that the app works in conjunction with local authorities and towing companies to deter dangerous driving and reckless parking. The hope is that through the power of social media shaming, drivers will be held accountable for their bad habits.