Yelp's SeatMe App Organizes and Manages Table Reservations

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: seatme.yelp
Yelp's SeatMe app is a restaurant management tool that saves food business owners time and money. The mobile platform helps restaurant owners manage table reservations seamlessly and ensures that guests are equally distributed. In addition to helping one stay organized, this app is also a great way to enhance customer service within a busy establishment.

SeatMe not only manages table reservations but also manages one's time. The app gives impromptu guests an accurate idea of their table wait and is equipped with a 24 hour online reservation tool.

This tool corresponds to Yelp user's appointments and ensures that tables are available when needed. Furthermore, the mobile app makes cancellations easy and efficient, allowing users to cancel a reservation via text. As restaurant reservation apps become more common, business owners are embracing them as a convenient management tool that simultaneously connects them to their patrons.