Flingy Uses the Power of the Crowd to Help Make a Decision

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: itunes.apple & flin.gy
If you find that you frequently turn to a friend to help make a decision, Flingly is an app that will definitely be appealing to you. This app makes it possible to tap into popular opinion, whether it's on what your next purchase, vacation or outfit choice should be. Flingly lets its users vote using a system of likes and dislikes, so that already, your choices are whittled down to two options.

Since the entire app is driven by community participation, the social parts of the app are huge. Like many other networks, users are able to set up a profile, follow other users and search for topics that are of particular interest.

Thanks to the Internet, it's possible to become an expert in just about anything, so Flingly is the perfect platform for sharing your unique perspective and opinions on a range of topics.