The 3DSimo Mini Facilitates the Manual Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Creations

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: 3dsimo
For those who cannot afford a full 3D printer, consider this powerful 3D-printing pen. It may not be the sort of device that can receive precise designs and accurately reproduce them; however, the potential for artistry and creativity are boundless with this gadget.

The 3DSimo Mini has been ergonomically designed to make its powerful body easy to maneuver. To use it, draw shapes, layer them, gradually build artworks in three dimensions, and from materials that will certainly surprise you. Metal, 100% wood, fluorescent plastics and translucent ABS and PET are collectively available in many colors.

Furthermore, the 3D-printing pen has functions beyond your expectations. Alternate tips enable you to cut, solder and burn materials for a versatile piece of hi-tech crafting equipment.