The 'SmartSpecs' Device Helps Legally Blind Users to See Again

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: va-st & psfk
A startup called 'VA-ST' recently developed a wearable device that helps legally blind users see. The device is called 'SmartSpecs' and it essentially functions as a head-worn computer.

The SmartSpecs run on Android and are composed of three high-tech camera sensors, a processor and a visual display. Using the camera and built-in computer, the glasses convert scenes into high-contrast images that are displayed on the transparent lenses. These glasses can then display the location of objects relative to other items in a person's field of view. The glasses even work in the dark, making it easier for legally blind users to navigate both at night and during the day.

While the glasses are still undergoing scientific trials, VA-ST plans to release a consumer version of the smart eyewear by early next year.