These Spectacles Improve Sleep and Reduce Jet Lag with Blue Light Therapy

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: indiegogo
These smart glasses are a wearable blue light therapy device designed by AYO to improve sleep, boost energy and reduce jet lag. The extremely thin pair of spectacles uses blue light therapy to adjust each user's biological clock to ensure personal needs are met and fulfilled.

The smart glasses connect with an app where a profile is built based on each user's sleep patterns, habits and lifestyle. Using an algorithm and deep analysis, the glasses calculate critical points throughout the day. The data is then used to infuse each user with a surge of energy at their lowest points throughout the day.

After wearing the smart glasses for 20 minutes a day, the AYO blue-light therapy will help users wake up refreshed, bringing feelings of energy and increased activity during darker hours to help those who travel reduce jet lag.