The Infamous Pet Bird Ice Cream is Now Offered in Sandwich Form

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: blog.esuteru & en.rocketnews24
Since the shock from the line of Pet Bird ice creams must be wearing off, Torimi Cafe added a new way for people to enjoy its line of bird-flavored ice creams. The unusual flavors like Parakeet and Cockatiel remain unchanged, but now it's possible to enjoy them inside of a pancake patty.

Torimi Cafe collaborated with Tenkoudou to produce the unusual snacks. The pancake batter is made of a rice flour, milk powder and wheat flour, which brings out the flavors of the ice cream. So you don't forget what you're eating, the patties are stamped with adorable bird-shapes.

The bird ice cream sandwiches are available in boxes of five, with an assortment of avian flavors. As bizarre as this might seem, the Torimi Cafe has trouble keeping up with the demand for the novel ice cream sandwiches, since only batches of 20 can be produced at a time.