This Black Burger from McDonalds Japan is to Celebrate Halloween

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: kotaku & designtaxi
Jumping on the black burger trend following some truly bizarre looking buns from Burger King, McDonalds Japan launched their own Halloween version. Made with squid ink, the black burger buns aren't quite as blackened as Burger King's. The whitish sesame seeds are still plainly visible. In some pictures customers took of their burgers, they looked more brown than black. The cheese and other toppings are also their regular color. The most recent black burger incarnation from BK included dark American cheese as well. Both are limited editions, however.

Otherwise known as the ikasumi burger, the squid ink burger also has a spicy yellow sauce and fried onions, and is not just a regular quarter pounder with cheese. It is available in three locations in Shinjuku, Tokyo.