Pizzacafe Latorre Changes the Way Fast Food is Marketed

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: kanzarchitetti & mocoloco
Pizzacafe Latorre #1 Verona by Kanz Architetti aims to change the way that fast food is traditionally marketed. In Italian culture, street food is often perceived as 'poor food' and is associated with the nation's lower class.

Located in Central Verona, the eatery sits in a medieval tower of Via Scipione Maffei 1. The space houses a popular pizza spot and a coffee shop that are merged together to create magic.

"This marriage gives rise to a new concept of street food, named Pizzacaffè LaTorre # 1, a place where the highest level of product quality is offered to the public." Waiting for the eatery's quality products is meant to encourage its visitors to enjoy their food and to take their time with it rather than to consume it quickly, a ritual often associated with most fast food meals.