The Starbucks Colorado is Smaller & More Portable for World Domination

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: starbucks & fastcodesign
One coffee chain comes to mind when the phrase 'world domination' is used and the Starbucks Colorado store will certainly further this claim. It is a smaller, portable alternative to the other coffee shops, allowing easier infiltration in cities around the globe. Of course, the Starbucks Colorado is also an eco-friendly version, boasting a LEED-certified status, which not many cafes can lay claim to.

Based around a number of important factors including the environment, localism, market growth as well as low-cost and low-risk expandability, the Starbucks Colorado is made out of gorgeous old Wyoming snow fencing. Anthony Perez, a senior concept design manager, envisioned the original prefab Starbucks store. He says, "To both build scale while having things be locally relevant, that’s really a designer’s problem to solve."