Gaba Guzik's Hand Cream Packaging Concept Adopts an Unusual Shape

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: gabaguzik & packagingoftheworld
The inspiration for this unusual hand cream packaging by Gaba Guzik comes from a spiderweb, although it's been abstracted into something much more beautiful. The concept packaging for WOI High Protection Cream is a two part package, consisting of a white cube with cobweb-like cutouts that show slivers of the 3D golden diamond inside, which contains the hand cream itself. When completely closed, the form of the golden diamond is hardly even recognizable, which incites curiosity. The luminous high-protection cream's packaging is presented like a jewel in a treasure chest and users have to work to get at it.

The Belgium-based designer's concept was executed as a mock up in paper, although the use of different materials would likely bring even more interesting textures and luster to the hand cream packaging.