Today's Forecast Packaging Shows Preparedness for Menstrual Conditions

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: & thedieline
Today's Forecast packaging demonstrates a designer thinking outside of the box. Many brands of feminine hygiene products come in rectangular cartons with bland graphics and labels, but this one is far from the cramped convention. Lauren Sian's concept makes the womanly necessity much more appealing as a purchase, differentiated from its shelf mates by its cylindrical form and its punchy aesthetic.

Three different absorbencies of tampons are sold in slightly different boxes, each with cute cloud-like lids, while the canisters are decorated with patterns of raindrops of prescribed colors and densities that correspond to the strength of the product inside. Each individual applicator is further wrapped in an umbrella-shaped envelope. Today's Forecast packaging visually and metaphorically symbolizes the natural function of the female body and presents a "weatherproof" method to keeping comfortable during that time of the month.