Care Bear Coat by Scoochmaroo is a Colorful Piece With Endless Teddy Bear Hugs

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: instructables & laughingsquid
June is the month to celebrate pride and for the brave souls out there, what better way to show your true colors and rainbow pride other than wearing the Care Bear Coat by Scoochmaroo?

San Francisco-based designer Scoochmaroo creates a coat that's entirely made using Care Bear stuffed toys. It weighs 12 pounds but it may be worth it if you're feeling a need for a hug. It's the ultimate 'haute couture' jacket that every little child will want or Lady Gaga might be interested since she already owns the infamous Kermit the Frog outfit.

It's made with 45 Care Bear plush toys with two of them that are able to talk; the front is a bit revealing and it's held together with two Care Bears which are joined at the hands. Scoochmaroo says, "I've learned by now that when the creative voices start speaking, it's best to just listen to them and get out of their way."