Anna Ritar Illustrates Beautiful Women with Whimsical Makeup

 - May 2, 2012
References: annaritar & artforadults.tumblr
It wouldn’t surprise me if Lady Gaga looked to these Anna Ritar illustrations for makeup inspiration. After all, every one of the females in Ritar’s drawings are dolled-up with eccentric makeup and are sporting quirky expressions, so you’d think anyone with a penchant for the avante garde or bizarre would naturally gravitate towards the talented artist’s work. But even without her patented offbeat concepts, Ritar’s illustrations are notable for their technical execution. Pairing the two things together, however, makes Ritar’s visual creations truly a delight for people’s ocular senses.

The thing I appreciate most about Anna Ritar is her melding of realistic elements along with a cartoony aesthetic. The way she defines value in her subjects’ cheekbones gives her illustrations a sense of depth, which is then contrasted by the flatness of the cel-shading that outlines the shape of her females’ hair, head and body.