Childhood Sandbox by Marussiac has Deep Social Commentary

The problem of racial intolerance is still urgent, as addressed in Childhood Sandbox by Marussiac. Racism starts when members of one race believe they are better than members of another; Childhood Sandbox by Marussiac is a psychological probe into this elitist thought process. The main theme is based on child’s play in the sandbox as it is known in western civilization; children looking for their idols.

Children copy adult thinking, thus, adults that reveal their prejudice run the risk of encouraging the kind of violent, war-like play highlighted in this series. According to the artist, "The pentagonal form of sandbox is not a coincidence. The Pentagon is the strongest military institution in the world, who’s the strongest guy in the sandbox of the world?"

Childhood Sandbox by Marussiac is an ironic scene portraying unjust power with the main components depicted as famous children’s toys.