- Oct 8, 2012
The look your grandma once loved is back in style and has hit it huge with redefined modern quilted styles. The idea of quilting fabric together, or creating the appearance of doing so, has managed to make its way into the fashion and interior design realms.

From luxurious quilted leathers to Chanel and the more grassroots DIY quilted looks, these modern quilted styles show that what was old will be new again if you just wait enough time. Embraced by both the fashionistas as well as the hipsters, the quilted look can be kitschy enough to satisfy and high-end enough to have a glamorous appeal.

Whether you're looking into purchasing a quilted style or creating one of your own from old clothes, blankets or fabric, these quilted looks offer a lot of inspiration.

From Quilted Leather Bodysuits to Quilted Italian Furniture: