Turn Old Used Billboard Fabrics into Flashy Billboard Curtains

 - Oct 29, 2010   Updated: Aug 22 2011
References: nickrebeck & notcot.org
These featured billboard curtains are definitely a creative way to recycle old ads. While the billboards themselves are not feasible as recyclable materials, the fabrics within the billboards can be reused.

Originating from the brilliance of Nick Rebeck using various fabrics from multiple billboards, these billboard curtains resemble a beautiful quilt design. With just enough translucence, these billboard curtains still manage to let in light while insulating your room from the cold.

Implications - This piece heralds a change in the type of products consumers are asking for. Buyers are looking for fashionable and stand-out pieces that will ensure a furthered sense of individuality. This recycled product is beneficial for companies that can save on new production costs while providing different products that consumers are looking for.