The Ladies' Underwear Quilt by Louis Garret Pays Homage to Lingerie

 - Apr 3, 2011
References: odditycentral
This ladies' underwear quilt was put together by a man named Louis Garret. This unique and slightly inappropriate quilt features 58 different ladies' panties.

The ladies' underwear quilt came to be after Garret saw an example of a similar blanket in one of the magazines he subscribes to. Garret already had a collection of mannequins that he would dress up in ladies' undergarments and dresses, and decided to make his own ladies' underwear quilt to fuel his appreciation with woman's underwear.

Garret asked his female friends if they would donate to his quilt. He also went into women's stores and purchased his own ladies' underwear. At first his friends raised a few eyebrows when he popped the question, but they felt the need to donate and help out their old friend.