Kay Bros Barbecue Branding Exudes a Chargrilled Charm

 - May 9, 2011
References: tannerglaves & notcot.org
Greasy laminated menus dominate the ordering experience at most chophouses, but the look of Kay Bros Barbecue branding has a look as clean-cut as your section of sirloin.

Tanner Glaves gave this restaurant menu a classy twist, not satisfied with a menu that allows one to simply wipe sticky sauce off. It has opted for a single, well-formatted page of dishes, typed across a white background and mounted on a simple clipboard. The overall look has a minimalist appeal, with a charming graphic interest imprinted on the back. A fetching criss-cross diamond pattern gives the eatery's image a quilted country appeal, which also suggests the quality and care of home-cooked food. At the same time, this technique serves up Kay Bros Barbecue branding with a reference to cooking meat, as this ornamentation resembles grill marks on a steak.