- Dec 4, 2013
If can often be difficult for products to stand out amongst its competitors in stores, but these flamboyant dessert branding examples are showcasing how color and artistic designs can easily draw in a consumer's eye.

When it comes to shopping for some sweet treats for dessert at the grocery store, the variety of items and brands to choose from can often be overwhelming to the consumer. That's why marketers are carefully designing their products and logos such that buyers can easily differentiate them from other brands. These flamboyant dessert examples feature such things as bold colors, striking illustrations and inventive themes, making these products something that buyers will surely remember in stores.

From colorfully striped boxes to personified ice cream cartons, these flamboyant dessert techniques are offering sweet treats to consumers in a very bold and eye-catching manner.

From Overjoyed Ice Cream Containers to Takeout Treats: