Borinot Pastry Packaging Mimics the Image of Winged Bugs

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: & packagingoftheworld
Incredible pleasure comes with the very act of buying confections from the local patisserie, but to enhance the experience even more, Borinot pastry packaging embodies a form as scrumptious as the sweets inside.

OVNI'S Queralt Antú Serrano designed these adorable boxes which fit 18 and 32 individual desserts. A simple folded box becomes so much more when the very buzzing insect that inspired the name of the treat brand is represented in full form. The flaps the seal the sweets away outline antennae and a bulbous body, outfitted with fasteners as two sets of polystyrene wings. The bases of the delectable parcels are imprinted with delightful patterns, and the logo found on the Borinot pastry packaging illustrates another visual reference to the delightful little bug.