A 60-Year-Old Woman Knitted a Hair Sweater From Her Own Hair

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: odditycentral & en.rocketnews24
Starting ever since she was 49, a 60-year-old Chinese woman by the name of Xiang Renxian, has knitted for her husband a hair sweater and hair hat.

Constantly being complimented in her youth for her hair , Renxian began collecting strands of her own hair as it would fall out naturally when she was 34. It would only be 15 years later when she came up with the idea to begin knitting the hair sweater and hair hat as a gift for her husband. The hair sweater was made from 116,058 strands of her hair and weighed 382.3 grams, whereas the hair hat weighed in at 119.5 grams.

As someone who doesn't like to receive a sweater as a gift and then having to model it in front of the gift giver, I can only imagine her husband's reaction at receiving this sweater.