Crocheters Use Super-Sized Tools for Extraordinary Results

If you think crocheting is for old women in rockers, here’s the proof it isn’t. If you’re going to knit on giant needles hunched over on the floor, you need to be young. But the results are wonderful.

Just when I was beginning to get over my phobia of display plates, it appears that all things knitted, weaved and crocheted are making a resurgence too. Not that it hasn’t been a long time coming—celebrities have been flashing around their knitting needles for quite a while, and even your grandma was in on the craze before you were.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the eye-catcher of the show was the series of woven textiles over tubular steel resembling needlework. In addition, actual needlework furniture accessories were shown and grabbed a lot of attention.