Knit the City is Yarnstorming London with Wool

 - Aug 9, 2009
References: knitthecity & cherryflava
The Yarn Corp, a fanatical group of knitters is taking London by storm, yarnstorming to be exact. Decorating everything from telephone booths to guard rails, even a stationary flamingo is not safe from these knitting needle-wielding folk.

Knit the City, the team of ‘wooly warriors,’ as they call themselves, was founded in February 2009 and they have been spending the summer yarnstorming whatever is in their path. Their most recent piece of graffiti knitting is the ‘Web of Woe’ complete with entangled critters of all kinds and even a couple of escaping snails.

The knitted street art, which is completely temporary and removable, sure does brighten up a gloomy day. Check out the images above, all of which are copyright of Lauren O'Farrell.