Casting Off My Womb by Casey Jenkins Places Yarn in Private Parts

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: craftcartel & beautifuldecay
Casting Off My Womb is a provocative performance art piece that will have people reacting in a variety of ways. What has been dubbed by Aussie TV as 'vaginal knitting' is basically just that. The artist, Casey Jenkins, a self-described "craftivist" who founded Craft Cartel, placed a skein of wool in her vagina that she used to continuously knit for 28 days (the average length of a menstrual cycle).

Executed even during her menstruation period, Casting Off My Womb hopes to change the perspective revolving around the vulva. As written on Beautiful Decay, "[S]he enjoys that her performance associates the vulva – something that can be found offensive or vulgar or invoke a level of fear – with the comfort and warmth that knitting provides and evokes."