These Nifty Knitting Cupcakes Will Wow and Delight Your Sewing Circle

Liven up your sewing circle with these adorable Knitting Cupcakes. These crafty confections were created by blogger Scarlett Curtis for the lifestyle blog 'Hello Giggles.' Co-founded by actress and singer/songwriter Zooey Deschanel, 'Hello Giggles' delivers the goods on everything from food, beauty and beyond. These stunning sweets are just one example of the fun, playful content the mega blog pumps out on the regular.

Celebrate your passion for your trusty knitting needles and indulge in one of these hopelessy cute cakes. The decoration for these niche cupcakes is simple to follow and easy to do. Creating the wool effect calls for icing the cakes without restraint or direction, so if you're easily distracted this is the baking project for you. Then, simply insert the "knitting needles" into the cupcakes and you're all set to wow your fellow knitters.

If you want to dazzle your guests but don't have time to fuss, these kitschy cute Knitting Cupcakes are the perfect low maintenance stunning sweet.