Knit Graffiti is the New Spray Paint

 - Oct 2, 2010
References: amazon
Knitting is not just an activity for grannies anymore; urban yarn bombs (otherwise known as knitted graffiti) created by young and daring artists are popping up everywhere.

Sometimes political in nature, but often just playful, yarn bombers create a splash of colour and texture on sculptures, trees, park benches, street signs, and even on whole run-down buildings.

Art bombers occasionally mirror the style of traditional graffiti, and sometimes they go beyond what can be accomplished with paint to create a 3D style that is unique to their medium alone. Sometimes yarn bombing is combined with paint, by painting over top of knitted swatches of fabric. Even well-known graffiti artist Banksy has become a victim of yarn bombers. One of his infamous stenciled paintings of children was fixed up with some woolen knitted hats!

Yarn bombers have added an element of risk and obtrusiveness to the once placid and unassuming skill of knitting, creating a culture of knitting for feminists in the modern world. (Though there are male knitters too!) These artists also draw observers to think about spaces in a different way and look at old objects in a new light. Regardless of what targets these artists choose, yarn bombers are dedicated to making their mark on the everyday, creating a mischievous aura of play, and making the world a more colourful place.

You can read more about this subject by checking out the book, "Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti" by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain.