- May 29, 2014
When kids have their own rooms, it's pretty special, but they usually can't compare to the magic of kids' playhouses. With the zip of a tent or the closing of a door, they become like safe havens for dreaming up crazy ideas and be immersed in their own little worlds, away from adults.

These kids' playhouses take all shapes and sizes, from soft fabrics for cozying up in an indoor space to more durable materials that will hold up against the elements outside. Although there are some extreme playhouses, they don't have to be made out of expensive materials—cardboard and blankets do just fine and the rest is up to the imagination.

The treehouses, playhouses and forts are usually fairly small and but they're the perfect places for piling toys, doodling and sharing secrets with a buddy.

From Flat-Packed Playspaces to Knit Play Dens: